Class 01 – Introduction (2018A)


  • Course expectation
  • CVA409 facilities
  • Teacher’s introduction
  • Hardware and software
  • Multimedia & its development
  • Interactive art
  • Digital compositing


  • TouchDesigner
  • Project folder
  • Mouse and keyboard usage
  • Windows and interface
  • Edit vs perform modes
  • Image resolution (1280 x 720)
  • Types of license in TouchDesigner
  • Digital colour (RGB vs HSV)

  • 2D image
  • Image sources (graphics, images, videos, webcam live stream)


  • COMP (component)
  • TOP (texture operator)
  • CHOP (channel operator)
  • SOP (surface operator)
  • MAT (material)
  • DAT (data)


  • Simple image processing effects
  • Compositing digital images



TouchDesigner website (

First things to know about TouchDesigner

TouchDesigner keyboard shortcuts

Historical references

Puppet Motel – Laurie Anderson

Antirom CDROM

BlindRom – Gerald Van Der Kaap

Flying Letters – John Maeda


Source reference at

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By Bryan Chung

Bryan Wai-ching CHUNG is an interactive media artist and design consultant. He was the Grand Prize winner of the Japan Media Arts Festival, Art Division, 2015. In 2009, his consultation work, Coca Cola Happy Whistling Machine won the Media Kam Fan Advertising Award. Chung’s works have been exhibited at the World Wide Video Festival, Multimedia Art Asia Pacific, Stuttgart Film Winter Festival, Microwave International New Media Arts Festival and the China Media Art Festival. In the former Shanghai Expo 2010, he provided interactive design consultancy to various industry leaders in Hong Kong and China. Chung studied computer science in HK, interactive multimedia in London, and software art in Melbourne. He also develops software libraries for the popular open source programming language Processing. He is the author of the books, Multimedia Programming with Pure Data (Packt Publishing, 2013) and Pro Processing for Images and Computer Vision with OpenCV (Apress Springer, 2017). Currently, he is Associate Professor in the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University, where he teaches subjects on interactive arts, computer graphics, and multimedia.

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