Class 01 – Introduction (2018A)


  • Course expectation
  • CVA409 facilities
  • Teacher’s introduction
  • Hardware and software
  • Multimedia & its development
  • Interactive art
  • Digital compositing


  • TouchDesigner
  • Project folder
  • Mouse and keyboard usage
  • Windows and interface
  • Edit vs perform modes
  • Image resolution (1280 x 720)
  • Types of license in TouchDesigner
  • Digital colour (RGB vs HSV)

  • 2D image
  • Image sources (graphics, images, videos, webcam live stream)


  • COMP (component)
  • TOP (texture operator)
  • CHOP (channel operator)
  • SOP (surface operator)
  • MAT (material)
  • DAT (data)


  • Simple image processing effects
  • Compositing digital images



TouchDesigner website (

First things to know about TouchDesigner

TouchDesigner keyboard shortcuts

Historical references

Puppet Motel – Laurie Anderson

Antirom CDROM

BlindRom – Gerald Van Der Kaap

Flying Letters – John Maeda


Source reference at

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